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Highest win rate adcs

Equally, Master Yi might look terrible with a 20 win rate, but he's been picked a measly five times this month.
Towers have little security anymore as people have learnt how to dive and high health itemization is easy to get earlygame.
Ezreal is just really, really good right now, even after a number of nerfs to try and combat his newfound skyrocketing win rate.
The average winrate of top10 champions in the other roles are as follows: 52,75 top 54,07 mid 52,55 sup 53,45 jng 51,30 adc, i've disregarded Mordekaiser as this is supposed to be a commentary of the state of Marksman champions in soloqueue.Leona's a top support pick right now, and she wins a lot thanks to her crowd control skill set So, overall the takeaways are the same as what most people have already realised.Silver players are probably a little better at pulling off those LB combos, but Gragas is harder to make an impact with.Yorick makes a few appearances among the lower tiers.Vayne is highly popular in the lower tiers, as she's always been.Understandably, AD carries dominate the top of the list of the most picked champions.That snowball potential is hard to counter without the knowledge and game mechanics necessary.Only Mordekaiser, Aurelion Sol, Ivern, and Skarner have been played less during the last month.This is a frustrating experience for a veteran player, to feel somewhat helpless as carry toplaners, junglers and midlaners just feed on you for kills, not having the tools to retaliate.

Ezreal is very good right now, as is Jhin.Top 5 Pick Ratio, vayne - memorable baby shower gifts (27.21 ezreal - (25.64).He's near the top of both the pick ratio list, and the ban ratio list, but Zoe is far ahead in bans.Best LoL Champion in Master Top 5 Win Rate Mordekaiser - (66.67) Aurelion Sol garage rewards shop scan app - (66.20) Akali - (63.19) LeBlanc - (63.04) Xin Zhao - (62.62) Worst 5 Win Rate Master Yi - (20.00) Swain - (36.84) Yorick - (38.33) Volibear - (42.11) Quinn.Nunu, on the other hand, should probably be avoided at all costs.Ivern was played just 2,148 times in Bronze this month.However, lots of people are picking and winning with Shyvana, and Gangplank is one of the most picked top laners right now, as well as being the one with the highest win rate.Best LoL Champion in Diamond Top 5 Win Rate Evelynn - (55.33) Singed - (55.26) Warwick clarks student discount unidays - (54.75) Xin Zhao - (54.59) Ezreal - (54.55) Worst 5 Win Rate Nunu - (44.62) Syndra - (45.96) Gragas - (46.64) Ryze - (46.80) Master Yi - (47.11).There are champions with higher win rate than Katarina, but she's a lot more popular in middle Top 5 Support Win Rate Alistar - (53.50) Leona - (53.42) Taric - (53.26) Blitzcrank - (52.85) Maokai - (52.40) Over in the world of supports, crowd control.Everyone knows how good Kleptomancy Ezreal and Zoe are right now, while barely anyone plays Nunu or Ivern.Lee Sin was played the third most this month, but his win rate is just.02.
Best LoL Champion Overall, top 5 Win Rate, taric - (53.98).
From one patch to the next, you might see a completely different pool of champions at the top.