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The line item containing 10 ft of 1/2".058 4130 tubing has been removed.
Glen has scheduled two forums in cfaa classroom 11 (Wednesday Friday - 1-2 pm both days).
Speed management on both planes is essential on final because they tend to how to redeem xoxo gift voucher in amazon float.
NO cabs were available even with several hours notice.It did attract a steady stream of visitors, several people tried it on for size and everyone was kept busy answering questions.This plane is one of the cleanest and best airplane ever designed I do not understand why these planes are not selling for 28,000.Russell Hill (CX5 #52 Pensacola, FL USA) has gotten a serious world food prize global youth institute start on his CX5 project, and passed these photo's along to Glen to show his progress.I have not used Airnav but will give it a look.The 5 is very stable on the ground and in the air.He added his in-cockpit narration to the video of the early morning flight, including slips and several touch go's.Near the end of the video I am showing the paint section and there is some large square tubing standing is is what Dave takes and makes into the nose gear mount.Although the cash outlay over the years has not been excessive, the personal labor required to grow and maintain the entire site has continued to multiply.Reminded me of the time decades ago when I was AT pattern altitude on downwind in my Tcraft when a strange vibration/humming sound began.Here's the link to today's edition: Glen's Comments (Day 2 - 6:00 am EST "Pat Panzera and I both present forums today.It is felt through the controls as well as the seat of your pants.Not sure how it will do with a heavy passenger but it floats a good bit now.Named after its well-known designer and builder, Dave Thatcher of Pensacola, the CX5 is the brother of Thatchers first experimental plane, the CX4, a one-seater he designed on a McDonalds napkin in 2003.
Once again, a crowd gathered around Glen, curious about his building and flying the CX5.
I thought about all you guys building a CX4 (and those soon to build the CX5) and thought I should just remind you of how wonderful it is going to be to takeoff in the plane you built and experience what I did today (and.

Tony recently indicated on the Yahoo group site that his bird has 60 hours of time, and he is flying behind a RevMaster 2300, but no driving gift tockwith other details were made available.Here is a real airplane (not as my old National Aerobatic champion friend called ultralights-"flying lawn furniture that was fast and efficient with great control response.I have little doubt we'll have a presence there soon. .Again.he was breaking the rules. So.It does distort the wings - they ARE straight on the leading edge, I promise.I try to land near stall- a taildragger habit- but there is absolutely no problem putting it down 10-15 mph above stall and let the nose come over to plant the plane.This is a very low cruise that, if my figures are right, means I was running about 18 inches of manifold pressure.
There was a headwind on the return.
I am in South Bend, IN, USA for an apprenticeship contest.

The 4 has great visibility but this has even greater visibility.
The VDO sender has been suspect to me and seems to read low, but I've had no valve growth during the last 25 hours so it's not overheating.